The Crossbuck Leg


These Stainless Steel ‘X’ table legs offer a premium update on one of our most popular designs


  • Stainless Steel for maximum strength and durability
  • Professionally brushed for a long-lasting finish
  • Ideal for benches, desks and dining tables
  • 2 sizes readily available: 39cm x 38cm / 71cm x 62cm
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Each pair is suitable for tables up to 3.5m long, and weighing up to 150kg
  • Easy to assemble
  • Handcrafted in our Hertfordshire workshop, UK


Handsome and bold, this modern design has captured the attention of home decor enthusiasts and DIYers seeking functionality and style the world over. Offering super-strong structural support, these table legs are perfect for elevating live edge and reclaimed wood table tops – something we ought to know quite a bit about!

The advantages of Stainless Steel are endless. Its sleek, contemporary appearance is long-lasting as well as rust resistant, making for a base that’s both attractive and fuss-free. This means it remains as good as the day you purchased it and can even be used outdoors. Even when exposed to all sorts of British weather, it won’t warp, stain or rust.

It also has a strength-to-weight advantage over other metal alloys, making these a great option for a marble or glass table too. But wait, there’s more – we’ve pre-drilled the top plate for a super quick and easy assembly, so you can have your new table ready in minutes.

From humble beginnings elevating work benches in industrial settings, the X shape has now become a go-to solution for dining tables, desks and benches (kind of like us!). Inspired by the industrial style of modern warehouses and loft apartments, distinctive clean lines and a bold silhouette define this contemporary design. Our own unique take on this shape holds true to the charming sense of personality that has come to define our products – with welds and roll marks still visible, these details showcase the exceptional craft of Wicked’s team.

Like most of our products, these legs are fully customisable. Have any questions? Our lovely team are here to help – just drop us an email at to discuss your DIY project. That’s what Wicked is all about.

Additional information

Weight 10-20 kg
Dimensions 38-62 × 39-71 cm

71cm high x 62cm wide (Desk / Dining Table), 39cm high x 38cm wide (Bench / Coffee Table)

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