Ebonised Maple Bold Desk


Ebonised Maple desk with bold industrial steel legs


  • Ebonised Maple desk, handmade in our Hertfordshire workshop
  • Premium quality box section steel legs
  • Hand-cut and welded mild steel table frame
  • 3 available sizes: perfect for any size office
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If you’re searching for a truly unique desk then we’d say this is the choice for you. With gorgeous rich grain detailing teamed with our industrial box section steel legs, this stunning Ebonised Maple desk will be sure to inspire you to sit down to work. To achieve this one-of-a-kind finish, we soak steel nails in vinegar for a week or so, causing rust to develop and seep into the liquid; the solution you’re left with is called iron acetate. When brushed over wood, a chemical reaction occurs between the iron oxide and the natural tannins in the timber, causing them to darken.

Because we’re working with a chemical reaction, it’s good to know that no two pieces will look the same – so you can feel just-a-little smug that no one else will have a table quite like yours. We’ve found that once ebonised, Maple can range from beautiful dark grey bluish notes to even rich golden hues.

Every piece is professionally lacquered to protect it from the trials and tribulations of daily working life.

We pre-drill both the legs and the table top for you – so all that’s left for you to do is simply grab a screwdriver and pop them back together – how Wicked is that!

Need a custom size? We welcome custom orders and can partner with you to create custom sizes and designs. Email us at info@wickedhome.co.uk and our lovely team will help you with anything you need.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 100-140 × 40-60 × 74 cm

100cm x 40cm Computer Desk, 120cm x 50cm Small Desk, 140cm x 60cm Large Desk

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