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We are so proud to announce a newcomer to our furniture range: Ebonised Maple


This stunning hardwood hails from Canada, and has immediately become our new favourite of the bunch. Not only is it referred to as ‘Sugar Maple’ (no, we promise that’s not just our affectionate nickname for it!), and is one of the species that provides us with the undeniably delicious maple syrup, but it has also kindly surprised us with its incredible grain pattern and rich tones of colour.

Straight from the log, maple is naturally pale and fair, but we’ve given it an ebonised treatment, which draws out deep golden notes that would otherwise stay hidden.


What is Ebonising Anyway?


Officially, ebonising wood is a process by which to make any wood look like ebony, i.e. as dark and black as possible – but, as always at Wicked we like to do things a little differently! We soak steel nails in vinegar for a week or so, causing rust to develop and seep into the liquid; the solution you’re left with is called iron acetate. When brushed over wood, a chemical reaction occurs between the iron oxide and the natural tannins in the timber, causing them to darken. It’s not a stain that we put on top of our tables – we’ve changed the integral appearance of the wood itself, so the stain can’t lift over time.


Why are you so excited about it?


With Maple, it worked better than we ever hoped. Not only are there darker, grey notes in the grain, but the timber as a whole appears as though it’s been given a new lease of life; you can see how happy it is to have been given so much attention.

So you see, this is a maple like no other. Because we’re working with a chemical reaction, no two pieces will look the same – so you can feel just-a-little smug that no one else will have a table quite like yours. And even better, the new maple range will also be able to purchase as benches, coffee tables, side tables and stools – in case you become as obsessed with it as we are!

Spotlight On: Ebonised Maple Wicked Home
Spotlight On: Ebonised Maple Wicked Home
Spotlight On: Ebonised Maple Wicked Home
Spotlight On: Ebonised Maple Wicked Home
Spotlight On: Ebonised Maple Wicked Home

We’ll let you know as soon as these beauties are available to purchase online, but just drop us a line if you would like to express your interest right now.

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