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The Wicked Way: Creativity

for Creativity’s Sake


There are a few truly fabulous things about what we’ve built over here at Wicked. Firstly, we keep the fridge thoroughly stocked with beer. Secondly, our customers are bloody lovely, and it’s so fulfilling to help other small businesses and budding DIY-ers create gorgeous pieces of unique furniture.


But thirdly, we get to create.


Every single day, we get to be honest and raw with our creativity, which is something to be incredibly proud of. None of us have ever been officially trained in design, but we are consistently true to what we like, and we’re not fans of building something that’s already out there. We like to set the tone.

When we first brought our business back over to the UK, hairpins simply weren’t available to buy anywhere, so we started making them. The design has been around since the 40s of course, but we built an online European market for them – and we’ve been utterly tireless in our quest for the ‘perfect’ pin! From there, we wanted chunkier, more industrial legs that could safely hold up a heavy table top – so we started designing box section steel legs. Now, we’re combining our woodworking and metalworking skills to build a full hairpin furniture range of our own… that’s pretty awesome to look back on.


Take the rough with the smooth.


Of course, we’ve had our fails and f*** ups along the way. Some of our designs completely sink when it comes to actually selling them to people, and some fantastic ideas simply don’t work in reality – but the point is that we’re trying. We are genuinely energised by newness, by innovation, so we keep coming up with fresh ideas.

In today’s faceless world of the internet, it’s tough to know whether the people you’re buying from are real, if they align with your own values. So we wanted to reassure you that we’re thrilled to be a part of a makers community. We more excited than ever to push boundaries, get stuck in, and support all of our fellow creators out there – so thank you for joining us for the ride!


On Creativity and Creating Wicked Home
On Creativity and Creating Wicked Home
On Creativity and Creating Wicked Home
On Creativity and Creating Wicked Home
On Creativity and Creating Wicked Home

If you’ve finished a creative project with our table legs recently, drop us a photo – we’d love to see what you’ve done!

If you need any help at all just drop us a line, we’re always here to help 🙂

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