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Spring has Sprung: things to consider

when building your own hairpin picnic table


Let’s not kid ourselves, the great British summertime is nothing to write home about.  At best, there will be one week of 30 degree heat  – at which point every major retailer will run out of electric fans and Big Brother will issue health warnings advising us to hydrate.  That being said, there is no denying the fact that we will get a tremendous amount of daylight – maximising at around 17 hours in June – wowzers!  Being able to spend time outside in the elements can be made a tad more comfortable by having a great picnic table, some decent chairs and perhaps a go-to heat source such as a outdoor heater or fire pit.

On the subject of a picnic table, we can offer some sage advice – we’ve been messing around with wood for almost a decade so we’d like to impart some Wicked tips.

Timber Choice

If you can, opt for a hardwood table top – yes, it will be more expensive, however, the grain is tightly knit, therefore it will stand the test of time.  Softwood, as the name suggests, is soft – this means that it will get scuffed and marked pretty easily.

Finish Options

All outdoor furniture will need re-coated every few years – use an exterior wood varnish and apply multiple coats.  You can pick up outdoor varnish from any local home improvement store, we’re all about encouraging a local lifestyle.  We would suggest using a water based finish, this dries quicker between coats and is low odour, which means that coating your table will be a more enjoyable experience all around.  Don’t forget to sand in between coats – essential if you want to achieve a smooth finish.

Leg Choice

There is really only one solution for external legs and that is stainless steel.  When unfinished steel is exposed to heat and moisture it will rust – we quite like the vintage feel of rusty legs, however, it’s not up everyones street.  Our powder coated range of hairpin legs are protected, however, we would only recommend using them indoors. Shown in the photos are our stainless steel hairpin legs, but our stainless steel box section legs would also work brilliantly.

The Hairpin Picnic Table Wicked Home
The Hairpin Picnic Table Wicked Home
The Hairpin Picnic Table Wicked Home
The Hairpin Picnic Table Wicked Home
The Hairpin Picnic Table Wicked Home

If you’re feeling creative, strap on your tool belt and knock up a table.

Don’t worry – if you get yourself into a bind, drop us a line and we may be able to help 🙂

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