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Copper Plating and Beyond: What other

finishes can you achieve with metal?


Hi there Wicked peeps! Last week we enthralled you with some information all about powder coating – how it started and why it’s our finish of choice for all of our hairpin and box section table legs.

This week we’re branching out a little on the subject, and going through a few of the other funky finishes we can achieve for you – or you can achieve at home!


Copper and Chrome plating


This has been one of the most popular finishes of the year – you were all begging for copper hairpin legs, and we almost can’t keep up with demand now we’ve got them!

We opted for a premium real  copper plated finish (so you won’t catch us with a can of copper-coloured spray paint in our hands), which is then lacquered to prevent the copper from ageing over time, as it’s so inclined to do.

The raw steel first gets treated to a nickel bath, which provides the perfect layer for copper to be applied to smoothly.

Then, it goes into a copper solution (or copper rods dissolved in water), and is electronically charged to force the copper particles to stick directly to our table legs.

Once it comes out, all shiny and beautiful, it’s clear coated to stop any discolouration of the copper – which will start to happen almost instantly.

For an antique copper finish, we leave the legs un-lacquered for a couple of hours, which allows the finish to develop deep, rich tonal variations.

Chrome plating is applied in exactly the same way, only with chromium instead of copper!

Fun fact of the day: rose gold is simply an item dipped quickly in a copper solution, so it comes out with a pinkish tone, instead of a rich copper.


Dipped Colour


We’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with colour on our hairpin legs.

As you all know by now, powder coat is applied by firing electrically charged powdered paint at our table legs, which have an opposing charge, so it sticks.

After this dries, we can tape off a section and hand-spray them again to create a dipped effect.

You can try this at home if you go for unfinished steel hairpins, and a couple of cans of paint in your desired colours.

Make sure it’s bone dry before you apply the second layer and you’ll end up with a perfect straight line.


Graffiti hairpin legs


This one is a lot of fun, but can get pretty messy! Once you’ve applied a base coat of your desired colour and its perfectly dry (make sure you use paint designed for metal, and an undercoat will always improve your finish), then you can grab a paintbrush and start splattering the legs to your heart’s content.

This is best achieved when wearing old clothes, and surrounding yourself with a few large dustsheets! Don’t over-fill the paintbrush to avoid drips, and apply a clear matt lacquer afterwards to prevent your graffiti work from chipping off. Job done!

Copper Plating and Beyond Wicked Home
Copper Plating and Beyond Wicked Home
Copper Plating and Beyond Wicked Home

If you’re interested in a custom paint job on your table legs, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you – otherwise we’d love to see some images of what you guys can create at home; keep us posted!

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