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What the flip is powder coating?


Way back in ye olde days (circa 1950), everyone in industry used liquid paint to apply finishes to metal.  Then, a German scientist came along and discovered that you could apply the finish in a powdered format, to top it all off, it produced a superior finish – happy birthday powder coating!

The Technical Bit

Let’s get technical for a moment – this is a little insight into how we powder coat our hairpin legs.  The cleaned table leg is hung up onto a conveyor belt and an electrical charge is passed through it; powdered paint is then sprayed onto the leg.  The paint has an opposing electrical charge, therefore, just as magnets, the paint sticks to the table leg (the formal name would be electrostatic attraction – ooohhh, fancy!).  The conveyor belt then carries the leg through to an oven, which bakes the finish onto the leg and creates a super strong ‘skin’, a little bit like Iron Man and his costume…

But why?

You may be thinking, if it ain’t broke why fix it?  Well, there are certain key advantages to powder coating table legs:

1) It’s kinder to the environment than the traditional solvent-based approach – powder coating releases very few / no VOC’s into the atmosphere

2) When paint was applied as a liquid, it had a tendency to run and create a dripped finish.  With powder coating, it’s possible to achieve a uniform finish and, quite frankly, anyone can do it!

3) Given that the paint is baked on, the finish is very durable

4) You can get funky with the type of finish by mixing colours, or creating graffiti-style effects

Awesome! But…

Whilst powder coating kicks ass, like everything in life, it’s not infallible.  If you were to hit said table leg hard with a hammer, this may cause the paint to chip – and the untreated area would then be exposed to heat and moisture in the environment, and you may find rust takes hold fairly quickly from then on. That’s the main reason why we only recommend stainless steel legs for outdoor use. Provided you’re not in a destructive mood, your table legs will remain in a perfect condition for many, many moons!

All About Powder Coating Wicked Home
All About Powder Coating Wicked Home
All About Powder Coating Wicked Home
All About Powder Coating Wicked Home
All About Powder Coating Wicked Home

That’s all folks! Still have questions?  Please drop us a line 🙂

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