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A Desk Buying Guide for Students

Whether working on your next great essay or simply need a platform for crafting your latest masterpiece (hey, doodles can be masterpieces!), the humble desk is an anchor for your bedroom. It’s the place where you sit for hours trying to think of that one word that just won’t come to mind (is conversate even a word?!), the place where you execute that world-changing business plan you and your friends came up with at 3 am and, eventually, the cockpit for that 10,000-word dissertation you’ll get done in 2 days.

Creating a space which caters to all these needs can be challenging but it is crucial to choose the right safe haven away from the distractions of everyday life where you can – finally – get your head down.

Here are 5 Tips for the Perfect Desk:

1. The desk should be a single-use area!  We know, we know – this one is hard to come to terms with BUT your desk is not a dining table. Keep those bowls from cluttering your space (you had noodles didn’t you), and accept that your desk is for one thing – or 5 things if you’re Rihanna – 🎶 work, work, work, work, work. 🎶 This doesn’t mean it has to be a chore to sit at, which leads us to our next tip…

2. Make your workspace beautiful!  This one is simple but very important – make this space your own. If it makes you happy, it will keep you productive and keep you at your desk. Who are you? What do you like? A real succulent or a cactus is a good place to start, as is an inspiring wall hanging or framed quote. Pick stationery that makes you smile. Do you like the tones of walnut or oak? Do you like bright colours or clean, neutral tones? These are the things to think about when choosing and organising your desk. Remember – beauty facilities creativity ☀️

3. Don’t go overboard on the décor.  Plentiful isn’t necessarily beautiful. Do you really need the bobbleheads of ALL of your favourite Marvel heroes? A desk is not a shelf and you can find another home for your beloved items (we would never recommend getting rid of the Hulk). However, a leather desk pad is functional and makes your desk more welcoming. These are the things to consider when decorating. Treat your desk like a shrine and only have what you need.

4. Have what you need.  Right. Brass tacks. What are your essentials? You are going to need a computer, so it’s important to choose a desk with a good amount of depth. A stationery organiser – yep, you think you won’t but wait until you need to fill out a form with a black pen and only have blue. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Stationery: pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, highlighters, scissors, sticky notes, paper clips. A calendar for when those study days turn into study weeks. A lamp!

5. Lighting.💡 We all love bright, natural light so try to position your desk next to a window (he writes, huddled over his keyboard in a darkened room) but sometimes all-nighters will have to happen. It’s inevitable. A natural-toned bulb in an industrial style lamp will be your saving grace. Not only does the right lighting keep your mind in the right place but it also makes you feel like an actual fully grown-up academic person, toiling away on your magnum opus.

In conclusion, when it comes to actually buying the desk itself, get something that works for you. Make sure it has enough table top space, make sure to beautify it, and don’t scrimp on quality…wait I missed one!


6. Don’t scrimp on quality!  Buying a desk is an investment in yourself. Don’t buy a table that you’ll be sticking gum under or one that you’d happily etch your crush’s name onto. Choose a durable, long-lasting hardwood. Choose a sturdy box section steel frame or some good quality pedestals. Choose to type at your keyboard without the desk wobbling. Choose DESK. OK, I watched Trainspotting last night.


And that concludes our 5 (well, 6) Tips for the Perfect Desk. Have any other top tips or Wicked interior insights? Comment below!

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