If you would like any of our products slightly smaller, a lot bigger, or in any other shape or size then we have you covered. Or maybe you’ve dreamed something up and would like us to bring your dreams to reality. At Wicked, we have all the tools (quite literally) to bring your ideas to life.

All of our bespoke pieces are designed & built in our own workshop; never off-the-shelf, always made-to-order. We work with the very best steel and hardwood as well as offering dozens of options with regards to finishing and plating.

Our lovely team will then create a custom piece of furniture that meets your exact requirements.


Outside working hours? Why not use our quick-and-easy Get a Quote form below.

Here we will gather some preliminary information about your project so that we can be well equipped for when we get back to you. Once you have submitted an enquiry form, we will review the details you have provided and get back to you in 1 business day. That’s why we’re Wicked.